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Weather Underground is a commercial weather service providing real-time weather information over the Internet. Weather Underground provides weather reports for most major cities across the world on its Web site, as well as local weather reports for newspapers and third-party sites. Its information comes from the National Weather Service (NWS), and over 250,000 personal weather stations (PWS).

Mike N. says, "Since IBM acquired Weather Underground everything from reliability and support have gone down the tubes. They did away with widgets, data and connection is non-reliable and overall appearance is poor at best. Obviously IBM is too big and has no interest in this and helping users. The IOS app is horrible, and doesn't display Web CAMs anymore. It's a real shame because I have been a big supporter for weather underground for years and have stopped using it. There are now SO many other great weather sites and IOS apps out there."


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desmond says

"I have no idea why the BBC has not told us about the snow that has fallen in luton Really !!!!!! You can not even get real upto date information regards to the weather please.!!!! Unfortunately its Sunday the 10th of JAN and its the early hours so dangerous so unhuman of the BBC not to warn the public of such a situation Are they All Asleep 😴 come on at least update your app so much relays on the information that the BBC reports we might as well not pay the licence fee"

Will Shane says

"Rarely accurate for any location. Entirely unreliable"

Sharon Steel says

"The site used to be good. Lately it has been full of bugs and there is ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST OR SUPPORT"

Tommy says

"Pre IBM very good. Now it's useless"

Dirk Venter says

"Because of a terrible support experience with WU I stopped sharing data in January, continued sending it to CWOP/MADIS etc. MADIS re-shares the data, WU started getting data for my station from them, and created a fake station in my area in May pretending to publish it. This was apparent because my station has a distinctive quirk with wind direction, also, when I faked a small rainfall their station showed it after the MADIS relay delay. I added my station to WU again to see how WU would handle it the other station went offline immediately. Problems with them doing this (1) the location for their dummy station was different from mine, with different elevation, resulting in factually incorrect data (2) Creating fictional WU representations of non-WU weather stations reporting to MADIS makes one wonder about WU's quoted weather station numbers / base."

Keith Bryce says

"Ever since IBM took over Weather Underground ("An IBM Business" is on the newest version of their app) their forecasts are good for $hit and my professional full weather station (made by AcuRite - $290) which reports rainfall, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speeds and directions, Ozone and a years worth of trends for all those, has been MISREPORTED on the Weather Underground App. Immediate Temps, etc are off +/- as much as 20% in real time on their app and this was NOT the case BEFORE IBM took over. Right now, WU is forecasting for ZIP code 92692 a high of only 86f while NOAA and the US Weather and EVERYONE ELSE is forecasting a high today of 98f !! This is BS! Consistently Forecasts are OFF by 3 to 8 degrees along with real-time reporting. I may take my weather station (KCAMISSI109) off the WU network and move it to a RESPONSIBLE Weather Reporting Network in very short order. WU SUCKS! Get your $hit together!"

Peter Melhus says

"Wunderground has been my go-to weather site for years. No more. So many ads. SO many ads. Ads that literally cover the weather forecasts on the webpage. What's the point? I don't go to the site to buy shoes; I want to see the damn weather forecast. No More!"

David says

"What used to be the BEST online Weather source has declined to a garbage site that most days is dead slow,other days it just flat won't load. When Jeff Masters still owned the site it was great. Very fast,new features and improvements all the time. I paid the $5.00 subscription price (no ads) for YEARS but he sold it to IBM and I guess them or the Weather Channel now owns it. Whatever,it's just a shell of what it was and wouldn't pay a penny for a subscription now. I had it as my home page that Firefox would go to upon start up. THEN....when it wouldn't load I'd get a banner from Firefox tell me that the POS WU site was slowing down my browser. I finally went to a different website as my home page. What a JOKE! I got on the other day when we really had a cold blast to look at local personal weather stations and almost NONE would show. One did show at an airport 100+ miles from my house!!! Gawd........"

San Ferguson says

"Used to be amazingly helpful weather site!!! Helped me prepare and keep safe. Now, is totally NOT helpful. Less than a 1. Tornado tracker was removed about 5 years ago. Very NON helpful. Now the format is COMPLETELY difficult to decipher quickly. Makes no sense to DESTROY a wonderful format. Is this so we will NOT have info and now MUST watch a Weather chanel or something? Must be about the money somehow. And now IBM has its logo on it. Makes IBM look foolish if this is what they do. Bring back old format which so many users have identified as extremely HELPFUL!!!! We dont mind ads on it when the app is helpful."

Fensty says

"Wunderground is locking up my computer. This started with the latest map upgrade."

marion windsor says

"My favourite weather app turned into the opposite overnight with the changes. I don't like any of the layout. Many areas not covered now. So disappointed."

Eric Diesel says

"Useless cartoon rainbow-circle thermometer takes entire opening screen. It's the ONLY app without a single-screen weekly-forecast. Daily forecast graph-chart only has 3 days per screen, least of ANY app. No rain-total, wind info, or prior-day info on daily forecast graph-chart. Hourly-graph split into 3 graphs, so can't see temp & wind in same graph. It takes many swipes & touches to get to hourly-graph. Informative daily forecast graph is 3 swipes down. Graph x-axis is way too overstretched, & no verticle gridlines, so graph is almost unreadable. Landscape-view has same number of hours on graph as portrait-view, so is ENTIRELY useless."

Need weather says

"If this app is any indication of IBMs Technical capability it might be time to sell the stock. They can’t seem to keep the app functioning."

Matthew says

"They totally screwed the pooch with the update. Can no longer specify which station you want to examine, data is displayed in a less intuitive way and I can’t at all tell where to air-quality data comes from. It is very different from the local air quality sensors run by the state. Boo!"

Aaron Hetz says

"This app was my go to for accurate weather. The new app is completely unusable and difficult to navigate. I seriously hope they see these reviews and make changes quickly. I’ve been contributing to the weather on weather underground for a decade"

Saqs says

"What happened?! You can't read the data...confusing and messy. And you can't tell where the data came from now! There is no way to monitor micro-weather! This was a superb app and now I'm fighting to find a different one as usable as this one was. We were all set to get a weather station and contribute and now we can't find a good network to attach to!"

Hugh Cooley says

"This was my top weather site until the last update. Now I don’t use as it only shows in portrait in my iPad and I have to hold sideways to view. This has been a big boost for all the other weather apps as I see all the one star ratings for Underground since they changed."

Gary Egeland says

"Went from 10 rating to about a 2. Please bring old one back. If you do I will switch back to WU app, even without a personal apology letter being sent to me."

Tom Gonser says

"This app is dead. It was having issues, now it’s new and totally useless. I used to connect my weather stations to the network, now looking for a new network. The Good news? There is a business opportunity opened up for a community driven weather app!! Toss this one! Killed by incompetence."

Sean Belliveau says

"Anything that was worthwhile is now gone. Combine this with the location data scandal they were involved in, the AI machine that is IBM Watson is analyzing all of this data and that I own a weather station that has been ever so slightly contributing to this mess is absurd. I would ask all contributors to look at what is going on and consider if this is a good choice for them. If WU brings back its old ways instead of using community data for data mining and ad space then that would also warrant reconsideration. Not saying that they should not be making money but they have gone so far in doing this that the product itself is about destroyed."

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